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Reading, when you connect with an entire world, created by one individual. Intimate.

Or you could just fake it and scroll on your phone instead.

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Hello my dear friend. If you are here, it must be because of my relentness spamming of messages trying to get you to give some texture to this website. Sorry about that.

As you must know, I love reading and I actually gave some shots at writing a while ago. As thrilling (or terrible) my novels are, life can not be told by only one point of view or a single person. Hence, I invite you to share on this page what goes through that pretty head of yours (please stay correct).

Here is a link where you can see all the kind of elements I can introduce in your article/testimony/story (it's all up to you here).
So please, be creative. Don't use too many so that the page keep its identity. Introduce your elements in this way : <"I want this to be a title">title blabla <"end of the title">. Of course if you know some html yourself, you're welcome to make the job easier for me.

De l'intérêt de la parution.

Ecrire pour se souvenir, écrire pour vivre, écrire pour partager; lire par curiosité.