En bref


The largest chapter of my life that is yet to be closed concerns my student life. I lived incredible aventures and learned so much. I was always curious and looking for explanations, and here I am !

Travel !

Since that day in my third year of Bachelor when I was proposed to go to Japan, a week before I left to Munich for my bachelor thesis, I haven't stopped travelling. Thanks to the Eramsus program.

Dreams and hopes.

Many plans for the future I have ! An MT- 07, a camping van, better speaking foreign language, a gaming room, my own chickens, an ecologic garden with loads of fruits and veggies.

Gaming is nice

Playing on the computer until it overheats ><. Love solo games like The Witcher or Far Cry, plan to buy a console one day once I have the money...

Travel highlights

Baseball in Japan

Baseball in Japan.

5 hours looking at a baseball game, the game was nice but the company was better.

Mamaself community


Not the lineup you expected, but the nerdiest people in Rennes.

cabane Vauban

La cabane Vauban

With my friends, we went on a walk on the coast, close to Avranches. A very special weather on that day lead tothis incredible picture taken by Brit.

Galettes Saucisses

Galettes Saucisses

The city I grew up in is full of life on saturday mornings. The market takes place in the city center and it is the perfect occasion to try french galettes, buy fresh groceries or just talk to the locals !

La place des lys à Rennes

La place des Lys

"Donne moi cette précieuse baguette, ô farouche demoiselle." dit le voleur.
"Non, elle est mienne, je dois la ramener afin de la plonger dans le ventre brûlant de mon grille-pain. Telle est sa destinée" réponds la féroce.
"Je reconnais en tes propos une quête digne et ... vois-tu, j'ai moi-même un pot de confiture elfique en ma possession. Je te rejoins." déclara l'opportuniste.

Kien in an Onsen

The best places in Japan are the Onsens.

Here is the mighty Kien, wrapped in his toga, he is analysing the outside in order to find the quickest path to reach the bath without getting his tiny feet wet.